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Rated 3.5
Genghis KhanChoose one of the countries to attack, then pick and place your fighter units on the map and let them fight.

Rated 2.6
XrayeLink the chains of nerves to complete the ultimate neural network.

Rated 3.4
Bubbles 2Your objective is to be the biggest bubble around by collecting other bubbles,

Rated 3.1
Gangsta BeanAction side stroller, Take down any many enemies as you can to progress though the levels.

Rated 2.5
GoGo Happy and SmileBattle the mob and play as Happy or Smile. Lots of differnet guns and fighting moves.

Rated 3.8
JacksmithPlay in the forgery and make the weapons that the soldiers require.

Rated 3.9
City SiegeRecruit units to build up your army with heavy military hardware and take back the streets from a hostile army.

Rated 2.8
Rodent Tree JumpBe the most accurate rodent in the league of rodent tree jumping ,hurl your little body into the air and land as close to the target as possible.

Rated 2.4
Avian WarsTop-scrolling shooter, Advanced fighter jets have been developed and war has taken to the skies, against the artificially intelligent enemies.

Rated 3.2
Humaliens BattleBattle of Humans Vs. Aliens, choose your side, and strategically control your units to take down the enemies territory.

Rated 3.4
Battlefield GeneralYou are a general in ancient China. Command your troops against your enemies while protecting your fortress and all that is your own.

Rated 2.7
Traffic Control 2Control the traffic lights to let cars, trucks, and other vehicles through road crosses.

Rated 2.8
Two RoomsMoving around two pieces that are separated by a wall. Get to the exit of each level. Press Space to switch.

Rated 3.4
Armed With Wings 3Conquer each level armed with your eagle in this action performer.

Rated 2.6
Bow MasterProtect your castle from the attacking foot soldiers and flying dragons by using your bow for pin-point accuracy.
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